Running Up That Hill


Yo sup!? What to say? Uhm, I am from Austria and I love it here :P,,, I am quite a huge GACKT fan... I used to be a bigger fan, like obsessed, but its gotten more sane now haha. What else? YFC 4 LYF!!! YOLO, SWOLO and SWAG!
30th of September 2009 Miyavi in Vienna ;;; 22nd of July 2010 Yellow Fried Chickenz in Munich ;;; 1st of August 2011 Yellow Fried Chickenz in Munich ;;; 4th of August 2011 Yellow Fried Chickenz in Budapest ;;; 15th - 19th of August 2012 inofficial "Dears-Trip" with friends in Vienna ;;; 18th - 31st of May 2013 Trip to Japan (Osaka, Tokyo) with a friend including 20th of May fade in Osaka and 23rd of May GACKT in Kurashiki ;;; 10th - 15th of August inofficial "YOLO Dears-Trip" with friends in Budapest;;; 12th of November Arctic Monkeys in Munich;;; 21st of November Harry Ahamer @ La Musica... to be continued
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