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01 August 2020 @ 10:43 pm

(Moon Saga pictures are from tenshin26100)


seriously, some posts are f-locked, some not

recently most of my posts are only for friends though....

and posts with pictures are f-locked anyway

Alright guys!

04 May 2011 @ 01:54 pm
 Hey guys!
I am kinda writing some stuff to practice my english for the CRAZY TESTS next week DDDDD:
anyway...as I wanted to write about the book, that I bought last year in Munich, so why not posting my review here :P
you guys remember? I bought a super cheap book last year...and I actually read it when I was on the train to Hungary <333



Neue Musik aus Japan

by Thorsten Krämer

„Neue Musik aus Japan“ by Thorsten Krämer was published at September 1st 1999 by Kiepenheuer & Witsch. The setting for the book are places all over Germany in nowadays time.

The book is structured in small stories, which are titled with Japanese song titles. Even though the book title says „New music from Japan“, this does not have to mean, the whole book is about Japan. Each story contains different people, from different Asian countries, such as India, China, Japan, etc. as well as German people. After reading the first half of the book, you will begin to realize that at a certain point, the stories will be very familiar to you. That is because the stories from the beginning are continued or written in a different point of view in the second half of the book, which at first confused me, because I thought, I had read the stories already once, but then I was amazed by how well the author managed to make the reader think about the stories just once again.

The beginning of the book is a small introduction about the situation in the first story. People coming together accidentially and finding together through music.

Again and again, while reading the book, you will find people from all over the world finding together.

Even though there is a limited narrator in each story, you can now and then find parts, where the author himself writes about his own thoughts, which is confusing once again, but after all an interesting burst in the usual happenings.

As most of the stories begin without preamble, they end just as quickly and surprising.

The stories are about daily happenings, people in daily situations, even though there is no real drama, tension, crime or anything likely, it still keeps you turning the pages.

The book is definitely worth reading and it does not have any parts that are not interesting, because the brevity of the stories offers the reader a lot of variation.

alright...actually I didnt really go for an accurate book review...cause we have never written one before in english classes xDD
(thats why the review might be a bit messed up and all shitty XDD sorry...)
so its not very likely that I will have to write one in my english test next week...
but whatever...

see ya guys!

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31 December 2010 @ 10:08 pm
 lol I just wanna quickly post on the last day of 2010....cause I am...like that ahahhah

I wish you all a safe arrive in 2011 and a happy new year for those who already arrived there and of course those who didnt yet xDDD
2012 will be the end of mankind anyway, so enjoy our last year ne! LOL

2010 was pretty cool, hopefully I will always remember!!
I made quite a lot new friends in 2010..... 2010 was also the year of YFC haha...and the year of spending money....and getting money haha
on february for instance, I met Bridget the first time (I think it was february)... in July I met Gabi and Timi and Bridget again....(I also met GACKT xDDD well yeah)...in October/November I met Timi again <333
and I also travelled relatively much, smaller and bigger travels...
I spent a lot on G in 2010 also....and 2010 was a year full of LiveJournal for me ahahahahah
and I think I had no serious argument or quarrel in 2010 either :D

all in all pretty nice :D

hmmm but 2011 looks interesting too for me....I will hopefully finish school, I will become 18, an adult O__O, I will probably go to university or the like...I will most likely move out here and live on my own....I will see GACKT again (okay thats more a wish than a fact)
and I should just lose a bit of weight in 2011 *thinks* yeah...I should...

yep...and I wish you all a lovely 2011...and to quote sooomebody: Be safe and I'll see you next time!
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04 September 2010 @ 07:07 pm
I watched YFC on Wowow today
we chatted on msn all the time during it
damn that was soooo fucking much fun!!
I recorded it, but in seriously crappy quality
but if anyone wants it:
just join the files with HJsplit and remove the japanese signs before or something
Actually I'd like to imagine G also having watched this at the same time as we did, but I am not sure since he is in Toronto right now probably
THE GIRLS WERE HOT!!! and so were THE BOYS, G and GJOB!!!
Gackts dancing was soooo fucking good, awesome
BUT Timi and I were like WTF? when they cut off Koakuma Heaven on the end....there is no performance for this..
we were sooooo frustrated and dissapointed
but overall it was super awesome to watch it together at the very same time and be crazy on msn xDDD
alright then....
I hope somebody recorded this in a lot better quality...*sighs*
hm probably you should download it from somebody else anyway, cause my stream fucked up sometimes LOOOOOL
not my fault haha
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03 September 2010 @ 06:15 pm

I randomly recorded this LOL (really, totally randomly)

I hope it works for u to watch it....and btw SPINNING PINK HORSES!!!!!
can't wait for tomorrow <333
PS: I changed my calendar sheet today...I love the September/October picture of the Gackt calendar
G: *reaches out hand dramatically*
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10 August 2010 @ 10:54 pm

today I went to some shopping center here in town with my brother...
he wanted to buy a game for his ps3...
but he's not someone who spents money anyway, so I had to pay half of the money for that game, that we chose to buy LOL
the age limit was 15
(so from the age of 15)
lol well....we saw some other packages of the same game with 18 on them...lol
anyway, I went to the cash desk and the seller asked me for my passport...I showed her and thought: "WTF? hey do I look like younger than 15????"
so, I said: "hey thats an insult for me xDD"
and while looking at my passport she said: "well take it as a compliment!"
well after that she gave me the game...and I didnt think of it anymore then...

and...when my brother and I drove to my dad's place by bike...suddenly I realized, that this game actually was for +18....O___O
they just forgot to change the sign on it...cause my bro said it was an import from the UK or something, cause we dont have +15 signs on games at all, moreover the signs look different...
so it was indeed for +18 LOL
and now I can laugh about this really much, cause obviously I just confused this seller so much, that she was like: huh? is this girl 18 now or wut?
and probably the seller was too confused to find out my age through my passport anyway...so...well..haha
hmm....thats the way to do it?
alriiiiiiiiiiight haha
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27 July 2010 @ 11:48 pm
 Hmm I really didn't know that the songs on "Are You Fried Chickenz??" Album were different than the usual songs...some sound effects in those songs and possibly not recorded new though right? Anyway they sound REALLY different xDD....I like it a lot!!!
But what a shame that Mind Forest is not in english...wellwell...
I have the urge to buy it....shit...I should've bought it already on the concert...
hmmm GACKT and GACKTJob were in Europe untill today for real?? sightseeing maybe?

wow already 5 days passed by after the concert....°_____°

not gonna whine around again xDD

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23 July 2010 @ 03:09 pm
I'm back from Munich...back at home in Austria....
I'll try to find out what was going on yesterday....so I'll try to remember something from the concert and write a report...today maybe
as I thought...I'm super sad right now and I almost cried while going home by train....I didn't want it to be over...*clings on Gabi, Timi, Bridget and everybody on the concert*
alright, so pls friends wait for my really not fabulous report!
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15 July 2010 @ 01:52 am
 maaaaah....Junji already posted about the European tour...something about it....I don't know any japanese LOOOOL (I love his blog though...the photos of him look really cool usually!!!! he has .... handsome eyebrows and awesome fangs teeth ahahaha)
makes me super excited though....tomorrow...first concert in London....~WOW~
sooo...its actually late already.....and I'm tired of lying around in the sun xDDDD poor me....
good night!
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12 July 2010 @ 07:05 pm
CAGS yesterday night was soooooo awesome!!! I love it!!! it was the first CAGS and it was epic
we reacher 1200 comments in that night...I laughed so much xDDD

sooo guys...ah btw...I booked a room in a hostel in Munich for the 22nd of July!! just saying haha
payment when checking-in.....AWESOME!!!!!! 

next week you know.... I am sooooo freaking excited!! omg...


uaaah I have a headache....its so hot outside....but I am playing Fallout 3 atm..and I like it...*stays inside* xDDD


hey guys, btw....check out  pornophonique
darkness-kai posted about them yesterday, I think...and I am really fond of their songs....you can download them for free!!!
soooooo nice!!! actually all of the songs that you can download are awesome O___O wow....
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